Our Experience

We can handle the following types of claims on your behalf:

  • Green Card claims on behalf of European insurers arising from accidents in the UK. We are authorized by the MIB to represent European insurers in the UK.
  • Fourth Directive type motor claims by or against UK claimants involved in accidents abroad.
  • Organizing inspections of damaged vehicles and arranging repairs.
  • Pursuing claims on behalf of our clients against UK insurers, involving close liaison with our lawyers Pierre Thomas Law. In cases where our lawyers can recover their costs from the liable insurer we will not seek to recover any additional handling fee from our clients.
  • Other liability claims including product liability, holiday and pleasure boat claims.
  • Debt collection and other commercial claims in close conjunction with our lawyers.
  • Criminal Injuries Compensation claims
  • MIB claims against uninsured and untraced drivers.
  • Claims on behalf of individuals under legal expenses insurance policies.

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