Partnership and Associations

AFA has very close links with a UK based firm of solicitors (PTL) thereby ensuring immediate access to specialised legal advice at little or no extra cost.

Our claims handlers have regular training sessions with solicitors from PTL which encompass specific queries on individual files together with more general training on current legal issues. Recent sessions have included:

  • Assessment of legal costs
  • Jurisdiction and applicable law
  • Government led reforms to the claims handling and litigation process

Our links with PTL result in 2 specific cost benefits to our clients:

  1. Where PTL are able to recover costs from a third party AFA will not to charge its own handling fee.
  2. Where a matter is initially handled by AFA but legal proceedings are subsequently issued by a third party against one of our clients AFA will only charge 50% of the agreed fee scale.

AFA has also recently set up a sister company in Dublin Ireland to handle claims arising in the Republic of Ireland. For more details please contact Simon Ball.

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